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Crypto Sea Battle is designed to operate under the Play to Earn (P2E) philosophy, so our main interest revolves around the quality of the user experience, which will be able to strengthen not only your fleet, but also your wallets...
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Available on Chrome, Firefox, Edge

"CryptoSeaBattle" is a game for two participants in which players take turns naming coordinates on an opponent's unknown map. If the opponent has a ship at these coordinates (the coordinates are occupied), then the ship or part of it is “sinked”, and the one who has fallen gets the right to make one more move. The goal of the player is to be the first to sink all enemy ships.

The playing field is usually a 10x10 square for each player, on which a fleet of ships is placed.

Game with NFT

But while the appeal of this game is PVP, there will also be a farming mode, in which through various daily and weekly quests, you will have the opportunity to open chests in which will be legendary NFT.

The advantage compared to other classic games brought to the blockchain, such as chess, is that here you do not need to be an expert moving your pieces, and you do not need to read a strategy book, but with minimal knowledge and some luck, you can spend some time having fun, in turn earning in crypto.

Total supply: 100,000,000 SBT
The transactions in the marketplace will be made through the game currency (SBT) and it will only respond to the factors of a free market, supply and demand.
39,8% Ecosystem rewards
20% Private sale
12,5% Marketing
10% Game developments
8% Public sale
7,5% Team and advisors
2% Seed sale
0,2% Airdrop
2Q 2022
  • Airdrop Campaign
  • Partnership Announcement
  • Private Sale
  • Contract Audit
1Q 2022
  • Site/Social live
  • Complete Whitepaper
  • Game Launch (Demo)
  • Seed Round
4Q 2022
  • NFT Sale (INO)
  • NFT Marketplace
  • PVP Champions
  • Listing CEX
3Q 2022
  • Public Sale (IGO)
  • Listing SBT on DEX
  • Game Launch
  • Staking System
Our team
Gathered from all over the world, We are working with high passionate and accumulated experience to create a wonder game
Game Lead
Game Designer
Blockchain / NFT
Art Designer
UI Designer