CryptoSea Battle is first and foremost a blockchain game, which means that players own their NFTs and have the right to sell and trade such property. This is done in order to make the game feel more alive. It will motivate players to move from the start stage to the more technologically advanced stages.

"Battleship" is a game for two participants in which players take turns naming coordinates on an opponent's unknown map. If the opponent has a ship at these coordinates (the coordinates are occupied), then the ship or part of it is “sinked”, and the one who has fallen gets the right to make one more move. The goal of the player is to be the first to sink all enemy ships.
The playing field is usually a 10x10 square for each player, on which a fleet of ships is placed.

After placing the ships, you can purchase additional weapons: Anti-aircraft Gun, Aircraft, Artillery Fire, Submarine, Radar and Mine.

Additional weapons can be bought for a special game resource - fuel barrels. Each player receives 200 fuel barrels at the start of the game. If the player loses the battle, he gets 70 units automatically. The winner receives 120 fuel barrels and unused resources per battle. It's also possible to replenish these resources with a donation or by viewing ads.

Mines 5 - price 5 - 25
Radar - price 20
Submarine 1 - price 15
Artillery shelling 1 - price 20
Attack aircraft 2 - price 10 - 20
Bomber 2 - price 10 - 20
Torpedo carrier 2 - price 10 - 20
Anti-aircraft guns 3 - price 20 - 60

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